Folding Cartons with Partitions for Vials

Biotechnology Folding carton with 25 vials and separators

Vial boxes or folding cartons with partitions are an excellent solution for packaging vials in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer enhanced protection, increased organization, and cost-effectiveness.

5 Reason short lead time folding cartons help your business

short lead time folding cartons CCL Specialty Cartons group blue background

5 Reason short lead time folding cartons improve your business There are several advantages of short lead time folding cartons, including Faster Turnaround: Short lead times mean that your packaging can be produced and delivered faster, reducing the time between production and delivery. Increase Flexibility: 2. Short lead times allow for greater flexibility in production, […]

Nutraceutical Folding Cartons

Short lead time folding cartons, folded boxes, paperboard

CCL Specialty Cartons utilizes proprietary software that streamlines all aspects of our business, such as; quoting, ordering, design turnaround, production, and finishing processes. These reduced lead-times further helps CCL  Specialty Cartons to offer our customers no Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s) making even the smallest orders cost-effective.

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