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U-shaped Round Pharmaceutical Leaflet

U-Shaped Round Pharmaceutical Leaflet

A U-shaped round pharmaceutical leaflet is a type of leaflet commonly used in the packaging of medications. This leaflet is designed to fold into a U-shape and fit inside a medication bottle or blister pack.

The U-shaped round pharmaceutical leaflet typically contains important information about the medication, including its dosage, indications, contraindications, side effects, and precautions. It may also contain instructions for use, such as how to take the medication, how often to take it, and what to do if a dose is missed.

Overview of Leaflets

Folded U-Shaped Literature is the perfect folded form to fit inside cartons and around several different types of products, conveniently saving space and allowing for the patient or consumer to utilize it upon opening the package or coming in contact with the product. Folded-U Shaped Literature is designed to be long and narrow allowing the leaflet to form around different applications in a U-shape.

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CCL Printed Leaflet Proof Point

A single sheets of printed literature folded down into small, compact pieces which can be used as inserts, topserts, or sideserts. With capabilities of up to 350 printed panels, leaflets include information for Physicians or Consumers, such as side effects, instructions for use (IFU), and more. The large space provided with folded leaflets also allows room for multilingual instructions.​ ​Color capabilities range from 1 to upwards of 6 with a coating, and can be achieved through multiple passes​.

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