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Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve

Tamper evident shrink sleeves are available in a full body format and tamper neck band.  The full body tamper evident shrink sleeves encompasses the entire product securing your brands product with an easily identifiably consumer friendly tamper evident solution. Your customer will feel secure now that no one has tampered with your brands packaging. The full body tamper evident shrink sleeve are available with full color printing, branding, messaging, no printing, and other features. In addition to the custom messaging or branding this solution offers a level of functionality securing caps, dosage cups, and other components that may accompany you packaging to aid consumers. 

Tamper evident shrink sleeves are used in the pharmaceutical over-the-counter and other pharmaceutical and life science products such as cough and cold  and liquid medications. 

About Pharmaceutical Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a mono-axial oriented plastic film that is seamed together to making a tube (sleeve). The sleeve slipped over the product, when heat is applied to the sleeve, the sleeve will shrink down and conform to the bottles shape. A variation of a shrink sleeves is a tamper neck band which seals the cap of bottle and provides a tamper evident solution. Shrink sleeves are available in full body, full body with tamper evident, half body and tamper neck bands. Full body shrink sleeves are an excellent choice for manufactures that utilize custom containers with curves that are hard to label. The shrink sleeve will confirm to the shape the container and accentuate the containers design. The combination of a high quality printed shrink sleeve and custom bottle can produce stellar results for brand looking to stand out on the shelf. 

Brands looking for a sustainable solution can find their answers with CCL’s shrink sleeves. CCL Healthcare manufactures shrink sleeves that have a thinner gauge using less material, a perforation that allows the shrink sleeve to be removed, ECO-float that allows a shrink sleeve to float during the recycling process, and single stream options depending on the container material. 

Benefits of Shrinks sleeves include 

  • Maximum shelf presence 
  • Brand enhancement 
  • Cost effective differentiator 
  • 360 degree cover
  • Maximum billboard space for design and regulatory copy
  • Cost reduction
  • Sustainable options 
  • Integrated tamper evident features
  • Inventory reduction
  • Increase brand security 

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