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Clear on Clear Labels

For injectable products such as syringes and auto injectors it critical for the product to be visible by the end users to verify the fluid inside the injectable device is ok. At CCL Healthcare our expertise in the injectable space allows us to print the label on a super clear material leaving a view window. This can be done without causing issues with opacity and laser oblation. Many other add value features can be add to our products like NFC, RFID, tactile varnish, and temperature indication. 

Over view of Pressure sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL Healthcare are versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses. Pressure Sensitive Labels are made of materials which have an adhesive glue on the backing. When pressure is applied it will adhere to most surfaces. Pressure Sensitive Labels offer limitless design possibilities that far exceed those of paper wet glue labels. Promotional and functional features can also be built into a pressure sensitive label making them an effective marketing tool. High-quality materials, thin foil lamination, specialized adhesives and selected printing inks offer a high degree of flexibility and appeal in Pressure Sensitive Labels. The self-adhesive coating bonds to most surfaces, even those with low energy. Our pressure sensitive labels are printed on pharmaceutical grade paper using high-grade adhesives and are available in black & white, spot color, full color, and the industry’s largest variety of finishings. All our day labels are manufactured in cGMP facilities to ISO Standards with 100% electronic verification.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Maximize your shelf presence with world-class decorating techniques offered by CCL’s Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL). With the current competitive retail landscape, it is essential to differentiate your product on the shelf. CCL is the worldwide leader in the Pressure Sensitive Label (PSL) market and understands the unique packaging demands of products.

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Why CCL for Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Our pharmaceutical and Healthcare pressure sensitive labels are printed with the most advanced equipment available in the industry. Pairing our highly trained and qualified staff with our robust SOP’s and cGMP facilities allows us to exceed our customers quality expectations. Our investment in equipment and people have allowed us to continually be the market innovators and grow our secondary packaging offerings to meet the unique challenges that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry demands. 

When it comes to quality, CCL Healthcare is the market leader investing heavily into vision verification systems and establishing the standard for pharmaceutical printing in the industry. The standard includes ensuring every product is 100% verified and documented for traceability. We manufacture under cGMP and ISO standards in temperature and humidity control facilities. Our dedicated quality assurance team and production departments follow strict SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. Our global presence and manufacturing footprint allows you to go global with 34+ specialized healthcare sites. Our experienced staff provides the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation anywhere you are.

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