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On-Pack Promotions Dry Peel Coupon Label has a coupon construction that allows the face stock to be cleanly removed without adhesive residue or tack making the experience pleasant for the customer. The base of Dry Peel Labels may be printed or blank. This allows for double-sided printing and more. Dry Peels can have different promotional campaigns such as coupons, mail-in-rebates, rewards, and more. There are smart capabilities such as a NFC and communication through QR codes. There are many options available for materials and adhesives in a Dry Peel Label. 

Talk to our On-Pack Promotion specialists to come up with on-pack concepts, campaigns, and strategies to add value to your promotional product. 

On-Pack Promotional Products Overview

On-package promotional labels from CCL Healthcare offer a unique added value and sales incentive to product lines on the shelf. Do you need help marketing a new product or revive a product by providing a new incentive? The ability to provide another touchpoint with the customer can be in the form of a redeemable coupon, a product delivery system (PDS), 3D labels, variable data printing different labels, smart promotions, and more. 

There are promotional strategies that can be implemented to drive sales and boost online traffic significantly through on-package promotions. Talk to one of our On-Pack Promotions specialists to devise a powerful promotional plan.

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Why use CCL for On-Pack Promotions?

CCL Healthcare offers a vast selection of On-Pack Promotions along with a strategy that can boost your sales and add value to your product. Our product line grows as the demand for innovative solutions increases. CCL Healthcare product engineers work side-by-side with your team to ensure you have the best labels and packaging for your products. Our engineers focus on providing you with the highest quality solutions. 

CCL Healthcare product engineers can help custom design the labels you need. This includes any packaging to secure your product in any configuration. Our product line has everything you need. CCL healthcare provides a wide range of printed packaging such as printed literature for user manuals, labels, folding cartons, partitions, carton tray dividellas, smart packaging, and specialty products. Our global presence and manufacturing footprint allows you to go global with 34+ specialized healthcare sites. Our experienced staff can provide the highest level of service, technical expertise, and product innovation anywhere you are.

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