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3 Ply OTC Labels

3-ply OTC labels can be used as a direct replacement for single layer pressure sensitive labels for brands large amount of content but do not want to sacrifice shelf impact. These labels have all the same great benefits of pressure sensitive labels while offering 3 to 5 times the printable surfaces. The construction allows consumers to access the content area from a resealable easy opening tab that peels the facestock back revealing the printed content. The robust design of a 3-ply is well suited for the Over-the-counter market where consumers can browse and open the labels repeatedly to view drug facts and other related information without compromising the integrity of the label. 3-plys can also be designed to fit a large variety of containers, shapes, and sizes making them one of the most versatile labels in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market available

Benefits of Multi-ply Labels

  • Endless range of shapes and sizes
  • Designed for flat surfaces and tight circumferences
  • User-friendly open tabs
  • Automatic label application using standard equipment
  • Maintaining brand identity
  • Cost-effective alternative to booklet/ leaflet labels
  • Resealable throughout the products life
  • Enjoy the benefit of a Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Increased Content Area 

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Overview of Multi-Ply Labels

Multi-Ply Labels, a popular labeling solution, are composed of multiple layers of pressure-sensitive material, with a hinge and release agent that enables the top layer to be easily peeled back, opened, and resealed. CCL Healthcare’s construction of this label facilitates repeated opening and re-closing, thereby meeting regulatory requirements. 

 The construction of Multi-Ply Labels creates printable surfaces that are versatile and customizable. The interior panels offer ample space for regulatory content or promotional coupons, while the front panel provides an ideal canvas for full brand graphics. This makes Multi-Ply Labels an excellent choice for brands that want to maintain their brand identity while complying with regulatory requirements. 

 One of the key benefits of Multi-Ply Labels is their versatility. They can be custom made to fit a broad range of containers, including those with unique shapes and sizes. They are perfect for labeling front panels on square bottles, folding cartons, or cylindrical containers such as syringes, vials, bottles, and jars. 

 The customizability of Multi-Ply Labels makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. They can be tailored to fit specific container sizes, with various adhesives available to ensure a secure and long-lasting bond. This, coupled with their easy-to-use design and resealable functionality, makes Multi-Ply Labels a top choice for brands looking to enhance their packaging while meeting regulatory requirements. 

 In summary, Multi-Ply Labels offer a versatile labeling solution for brands looking to maintain their brand identity while meeting regulatory requirements. With customizable printable surfaces, easy-to-use design, and the ability to fit a variety of container shapes and sizes, Multi-Ply Labels are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. 

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