Attached Hanger with Peel Offs

Inverted Hanger Labels

IVHL - Attached Hanger With Peel-Offs

The Inverted Hanger Labels (IVHL) are a versatile labeling solution that offers healthcare professionals a convenient and efficient way to hang and label IV bottles. Among the various types of IVHLs available in the market, one popular option is the IVHL with attached hanger and peels.

This type of IVHL is constructed using two layers of material to create a label with a detachable section or labels for patient charting. The detachable section allows healthcare professionals to record patient information or other essential details, such as medication dosage or administration time. This information can then be transferred to the patient’s chart, ensuring accurate documentation of their care.

Once the label is created, a precut hanger is attached to the label, creating an Inverted Hanger Label. The hanger is designed to securely hold the IV bottle in place while also allowing for easy and convenient access to the product’s information and instructions.

The IVHL with attached hanger and peels is an innovative labeling solution that offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the need for separate labels or charting tools, reducing the risk of mislabeling or errors. Secondly, the detachable section allows for easy and accurate documentation of patient care, improving overall record-keeping and care quality.

Overview of Inverted Hanger Labels

The Inverted Hanger Labels (IVHL) is a highly innovative and efficient labeling solution that offers a built-in hanging device for intravenous (IV) bottles. This product is designed to combine product labeling with a hanger, providing healthcare professionals with a convenient and time-saving solution for administering medication or fluids to patients. 

 The IVHL can be constructed using single-ply with a die-cut hanger, 2-ply, 3-ply, removable panels, 4 peel-offs, or IVHL ECLs with attached hangers. This flexible design allows for customization to meet specific needs and preferences. The IVHL labels are easy to apply and can be securely attached to glass or plastic bottles up to 1000 ml in capacity. 

 The IVHL label is made of a robust material that has been tested in compliance with ISO 15137:2005. This ensures that the label can withstand the demands of daily use, including exposure to moisture, sunlight, and other environmental factors. The label’s durability and strength also help to prevent the label from tearing or falling off, ensuring that important product information and instructions remain visible. 

 IVHL labels offer significant cost savings and ease of use compared to traditional labeling solutions. By eliminating the need for a separate hanger, healthcare professionals can save time and effort, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The IVHL also reduces the risk of mislabeled or improperly hung IV bottles, which can lead to medical errors and adverse patient outcomes. 

 In addition to its functional benefits, the IVHL also offers an aesthetic appeal. The label’s design is sleek and modern, which can help to improve the overall appearance of the IV bottle and promote a more professional image in healthcare settings. 

 Inverted Hanger Labels (IVHL) is an innovative and cost-effective labeling solution that provides healthcare professionals with a convenient and efficient way to hang and label IV bottles. Its robust construction, flexibility, and ease of use make it a valuable asset in healthcare settings, where time and accuracy are of the utmost importance. 

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