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Cryogenic Flag Labels

Flag Labels for Cryogenics

Cryogenic flag labels wrap around the neck of a vial or bottle, with the tail of the label adhering back onto the flag section. These labels are used to indicate important information, such as lot number, expiration date, barcode, and pre-serialized alphanumeric identification used to track vials. Each cryogenic flag label is made with durable materials and ink adherence to withstand extreme temperature excursions during its life cycle.

Cryogenic flag labels are resistant to harsh laboratory processes and are fade- and smudge-proof. They can be customized to meet your product’s specific needs, including constructions, materials, imprinting method, and color combinations, delivering the most effective labeling solution for your product requirements.

What are Cryogenics Labels?

Cryogenic labels are labels designed to be used at extremely low temperatures, typically between -90°C to -70°C, but sometimes reaching as low as -135°C to -190°C in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. These labels are engineered with materials and adhesives that can withstand the extreme temperatures and the challenges they present, such as frost, condensation, and chemical exposure. Cryogenic labels are commonly used in laboratory settings to identify and track samples but are also increasingly used in commercial settings for products that require cryogenic storage and transport.

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Why CCL Healthcare for Cryogenic Label Manufacturing?

As a market leader in cryogenics label manufacturing, CCL Healthcare invests heavily in vision verification systems to establish the industry standard for pharmaceutical printing. The company manufactures under cGMP and ISO standards in temperature and humidity-controlled facilities, with a dedicated quality assurance team and production departments following strict SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. With 34+ specialized healthcare sites globally, the company’s experienced staff offers top-tier service, technical expertise, and product innovation.


Cryogenic labeling involves designing and producing labels that can function and perform effectively at below-freezing temperatures. Typically, cryogenic labels are engineered with a specific cryogenic storage stage in mind. It is essential to select labels that can withstand the storage temperatures and other temperature excursions and processes. Cryogenic temperatures can range from -90°C to -70°C and can drop as low as -135°C to -190°C in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, up to the thaw temperatures.


Numerous challenges come with cryogenic temperatures, such as labels being unable to adhere to frost and the inks smearing or scratching off the label. Additionally, labeling at room temperature and immediately placing it into cryogenic temperatures can cause the label to flag. Laboratories have developed several solutions to these challenges, but reliable secondary packaging suppliers for commercialized cryogenic products are limited. This is where CCL Healthcare excels as a leader in commercialized cryogenic labeling. Our team of cryogenic labeling engineers has rigorously tested materials and adhesives to provide the best cryogenic solutions for your labeling and packaging requirements.

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