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Our CCL healthcare Buffalo, New York location produces pressure sensitive labels specifically for the healthcare industry. Pressure sensitive labels are adhesive labels that stick to surfaces when pressure is applied, and they are commonly used in the healthcare industry for a variety of purposes. These labels are designed to be highly durable, withstanding harsh conditions such as exposure to chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Pressure sensitive labels are used for a range of applications, including labeling medication bottles and containers, medical devices, and laboratory specimens. These labels can contain important information such as dosage instructions, expiration dates, lot numbers, and barcodes, which are crucial for ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.

At our CCL healthcare Buffalo, New York location, the production process for pressure sensitive labels involves using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create labels that meet the highest quality standards. The facility is staffed by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, who are dedicated to ensuring that the labels produced meet the specific needs of clients.

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