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Buffalo, New York

CCL Healthcare in Buffalo, New York, specializes in supplying pressure-sensitive labels to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics and household products. Pressure-sensitive labels are a type of adhesive label that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including plastics, glass, metal and paper.

We are a cGMP facility that uses state-of-the-art technology and innovation to provide custom-made labeling to Buffalo pharmaceuticals. CCL Healthcare’s solutions cater to virtually every packaging and label need.

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CCL Label Buffalo, NY Pharmaceutical Packaging

We understand your need for versatile, high-quality solutions that can give you a competitive edge while keeping your end user’s safety at the forefront. By leveraging our years of industry experience and vast knowledge, we work alongside you to develop cost-competitive, safe solutions that can set your brand apart. When you do business with CCL Healthcare, we provide:

  • Strict quality control measures: Error-free packaging and labeling are vital for your brand and the patient experience. We take extra care to meticulously manufacture reliable solutions.
  • Superior adhesives: We use leading materials and premium adhesives to ensure stable pharmaceutical labeling.
  • Functionality: Products are effectively labeled and packaged so that patients see important information clearly. Our team designs and manufactures packaging that meets and exceeds its functionality for safe solutions.
  • Attention to detail: Get an exceptional end product that meets industry qualifications and customer expectations. 
  • Various quantities and flexible sizes: We are a large cGMP facility with the capacity to undertake any assignment, big or small. 
  • High-performance solutions: By setting high standards, we proudly manufacture exceptional pharmaceutical packaging and labeling.
  • Validated products: Our professional team ensures all our solutions are industry-validated for reliable results you can trust.

We Go Above and Beyond

CCL Label Buffalo is strategically located to serve those in the pharmaceutical industry with labeling that adds value to the end user’s experience. As a leading cGMP facility, we streamline the designing and manufacturing processes. We uphold quality at every step and provide:

  • Custom-made products: We specialize in devising a solution that’s right for your business model. Our packaging and labels are made-to-order for tailored solutions.
  • A global footprint business: Our global footprint allows us to produce several solutions. We also have many locations for ideal proximity.
  • Excellent service: We put you first and are dedicated to impeccable client care.
  • An extensive product range: We service various markets with many labels and packaging options.
  • The highest quality: With our rigorous standards to ensure the best quality, you’re assured of compliant, user-friendly and custom packaging, no matter the assignment size.

Discover Our Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are the New York pharmaceutical packaging company you can rely on for manufacturing solutions focusing on safety and patient well-being. Explore our offerings:


CCL Healthcare prints clear informational and legislative literature. We can produce solutions in different colors, print leaflets that accommodate physician and patient information and offer more features.


We manufacture containers and specialize in folding cartons to house various products and devices.

Smart Packaging

Our team manufactures smart packaging to enhance your brand and improve patient care.


We can configure labels that meet your needs, from braille and pressure-sensitive options to expanded and promotional content.

Markets Proudly Served

CCL Healthcare hires the finest experts in the field, undertaking any challenge to produce effective, quality pharmaceutical solutions for the following markets:

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