Digital Printing – On-Demand

With Digital Printing – On-Demand, companies can print the order quantities they need without having to worry about minimum prints. This will reduce or eliminate inventory costs. Companies can also print as frequently as they need to be based on consumer demand or their packing line schedule. Digital printing provides 100% revision control and allows companies to target their consumer by being able to print special promotion or seasonal labels anytime.

The use of digital printing technology in pharmaceuticals can provide several benefits, such as reducing waste, minimizing the risk of errors, and improving efficiency. It can also enable faster turnaround times and reduce the costs associated with large-scale manufacturing.

Some of the specific applications of pharmaceutical digital printing on demand include the production of personalized medications, dosage forms, and packaging materials. For example, a patient may require a medication in a specific dosage form, such as a chewable tablet or a liquid solution, which can be produced on demand using digital printing technology.

digital printing

Benefits of Digital Printing

  1.   Premium Print Quality

  2.   Fast Turnaround

  3.   Flexible Run Size

  4.   Digital Supply Chain

  5.   Reduce Obsolescence

6.   Serialization

7.   Variable Data

8.   Product Launch

9.   Revision on the fly

10. Reduce Inventory

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