Pharmaceutical Combination Folding Cartons

Pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive, and their packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and efficacy. Combination folding cartons with glued leaflets are popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to their ability to provide both protection and information. 

Pharmaceutical Folding Cartons

What are Pharmaceutical Folding Cartons? 

Pharmaceutical folding cartons are made from high-quality paperboard or carton material that is folded and glued to create a sturdy and durable package. These cartons are designed to provide the necessary protection to the product, preventing damage or contamination during transport and storage. They are customized to meet the specific needs of the product, such as size, shape, and printing, making them ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications. 

What are Glued Leaflets in Pharmaceutical Folding Cartons? 

Combination carton - glued insert leaflet


Glued leaflets in pharmaceutical folding cartons are leaflets or pamphlets that are printed with information about the product, such as dosage instructions, contraindications, side effects, and other important details. These leaflets are folded and glued to the inside of the carton, providing a convenient and easily accessible source of information for the consumer. 




What is a pharmaceutical combination folding carton? 

Combination folding cartons are cartons with an insert glued directly into the carton making the folding caron and leaflet a single component. The process is done during the carton manufacturing process where the leaflet is introduced and married to the carton. A camera will scan the barcode of the leaflet and the carton for the presence of the leaflet and to ensure that the leaflet is married to the correct carton. Cartons with die cut windows can also allow for barcode scanning of the leaflet and carton as an additional validation step. 

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Combination Folding Cartons  

Product Protection: Pharmaceutical combination folding cartons provide excellent protection to the product, ensuring that it is not damaged or contaminated during transport and storage. The sturdy and durable construction of the carton helps to prevent breakage or leakage, providing a safe and secure environment for the product. 

Information Dissemination: Glued leaflets in pharmaceutical combination folding cartons provide essential information about the product to the consumer. This information includes dosage instructions, side effects, contraindications, and other important details that help the consumer to use the product safely and effectively. 

Customization: Pharmaceutical combination folding cartons with glued leaflets are customized to meet the specific needs of the product. This customization can include printing, size, shape, and other features that help to promote the product and ensure its safe and effective use. 

Regulatory Compliance: Pharmaceutical combination folding cartons with glued leaflets are designed to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures that the product is properly labeled and contains all the necessary information required by regulatory agencies. 


Pharmaceutical combination folding cartons are an excellent packaging solution providing both product protection and information dissemination. They are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry, where product safety and regulatory compliance are paramount. When choosing pharmaceutical combination folding cartons, pharmaceutical companies can ensure the safe and effective use of their products while promoting their brand and meeting regulatory requirements. 

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