What is Sustainable Packaging By Design?


What is Sustainable Packaging?

Today, more than ever before, businesses and direct consumers are deeply concerned about working with companies that adhere to sustainable practices. But what does “sustainable and eco friendly” actually mean, and how does it apply to the packaging process? Understanding what “sustainability” truly entails will empower you to take better care of your customers and the world around you as you are able to recognize packaging that is sustainable by design and partner with responsible packagers.

Sustainable Packaging Defined

Many definitions of “sustainability and Eco-Friendly” get thrown around, and it can feel confusing. The simplest, most accurate way to describe sustainability is simply an effort that is made to take social equity (involving equal opportunity within the scope of safe and healthy conditions), the environment, and the economy into consideration. In terms of packing, we like to keep the “Three Ps” in mind:

  • People: Is the packaging socially progressive? Is it useful and beneficial to people from various walks of life and abilities? Is it produced in a safe, healthy work environment? Is the end product safe?
  • Planet: Does the packaging take the environment into consideration? Is it manufactured in a way that is responsible? Is an effort being made to use materials that can be recycled and/or do no harm?
  • Profit: Is the method of package production fiscally sound? Does the packaging minimize consumer expenses?

The Importance of Packaging That’s Sustainable by Design

As more and more businesses face pressure to adopt more sustainable practices (and many are feeling the heat of approaching deadlines), it can be tempting to quickly partner with any packaging company that claims to be sustainable and meets your budgetary requirements. Although you may get lucky by taking this approach, chances are that you are selling yourself (and your customers and the environment) short. You want partnerships with businesses that manufacture products that are sustainable by design. This means much more than simply using recycled materials or minimizing manufacturing facility emissions. While these are great things, they neglect the big picture.

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