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Our white papers give an exclusive glimpse inside the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science packaging industry. Gain insight on the current trends that can propel your brand into the future with smart and functional packaging. Learn how CCL Healthcare has helped our clients protect their brand from counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion. As the industry leader and expert we paved the path of innovation for over 7 decades with printing and converting technology and have set the industry standard with our state of the art electronic packaging verification systems. Our white papers give us the opportunity to share our knowledge and findings with the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Case Studies

At CCL Healthcare, we understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare businesses and are committed to providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Our case studies serve as valuable resources that allow you to delve deeper into the range of solutions we offer and understand how we have successfully addressed challenges similar to those your healthcare business may be facing.

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North America

GCSG: Global Clinical Supply Group (Orlando, FL) : April 23-26, 2023

Clinical Trial Supply West Coast (San Francisco, CA) : May 9-10, 2023

Combination Products (Philadelphia, PA): May 16-17, 2023

GS1 Connect (Denver, CO): June 5-5th, 2023

Clinical Trial Supply East Coast (King of Prussia, PA) : October 11-12, 2023

NECSO (Boston, MA) : November 2, 2023

CRISP (San Francisco, CA) : September 21, 2023

South America

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Coming Soon!

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BlogClinical ServicesClinical Trials

Clinical Labels to Support Your Unique Study

At CCL Clinical Systems, our primary mission is to provide you with ready-to-apply clinical labels for all of your trial requirements.
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Smart and Connected Packaging
BlogPackage InnovationPackaging Solutions

Recap: The Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging

Recap: The Impact of Smart and Connected Product Packaging Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin Linkedin BLE, What It Means ...
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Cold Chain Indicators Vials
BlogCold ChainPackage Innovation

Recap: The Evolving Cold Chain Market Course

CCL Packaging University Course, The Evolving Cold Chain Market, explored remarkable technologies in the market that solve temperature safety concerns. 
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BlogPackage InnovationPackaging Solutions

CCL 2019 Sustainability Report

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative creates a detailed and audited baseline of information to measure our annual Sustainability Report.
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