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CCL healthcare’s folded leaflet inserts are highly customizable and are available in a wide range of formats, flat sizes, fold patterns, and final folded sizes. This means that pharmaceutical companies can choose the format that best suits their needs, and the leaflet can be designed to fit perfectly into the carton or packaging of the medication.

Inserts are commonly called: Leaflets, Folded Leaflets, Patient information, Patient Instructions, Patient medication Information (PMI), Packaging Inserts, Package Insert (PI), Patient Information Leaflets, Prescription Medication Inserts, Prescription Medication Instruction, and more 

The folded leaflets are designed to be inserted either flat or vertically into a partition in the carton. This ensures that the leaflet is easily accessible to the patient when they open the medication packaging. This also helps to keep the leaflet and medication together, reducing the risk of the patient misplacing the leaflet.

The multi-folded leaflet is created from a single sheet of paper, which is folded in a way that provides ample space for detailed legislative and patient information. The leaflet can be designed to accommodate a variety of languages, making it an effective tool for pharmaceutical companies operating in multiple countries or selling their products in multicultural markets.

In addition to providing necessary patient information, the leaflet can also be used for branding purposes, as it can be designed with the company’s logo and colors. This helps to establish brand recognition and promote brand loyalty among patients.

CCL healthcare’s folded leaflets provide pharmaceutical companies with a highly customizable and effective tool for delivering important information to patients. The leaflets are designed to fit perfectly into the medication packaging, ensuring that patients have easy access to the information they need to use the medication safely and effectively.


Application for Package Inserts - Folded Leaflets

Folded Patient Leaflets - Package Inserts

A single sheet of printed literature can be folded down into small, compact pieces which can be used as inserts, topserts, or sideserts. These folded leaflets are designed to provide a significant amount of information to physicians or consumers, such as side effects, instructions for use (IFU), and more. With capabilities of up to 350 printed panels, these leaflets are highly versatile and can be designed to accommodate a wide range of information.


One of the biggest advantages of these folded leaflets is the large space they provide for information. This space allows for detailed instructions and important warnings to be included, as well as information in multiple languages. This makes them an ideal tool for pharmaceutical companies operating in multicultural markets or selling their products globally.


Additionally, the color capabilities of these folded leaflets range from one to upwards of ten with a coating, and can be achieved through a single passes. This allows for highly customizable designs, which can be tailored to the brand’s specific needs and aesthetic. The folded leaflets can also be designed to include a company logo or other branding elements, helping to establish brand recognition and increase brand loyalty among patients.


Folded leaflets made from a single sheet of paper are a highly versatile and effective tool for delivering important information to physicians and consumers. They are customizable and can be designed to fit a wide range of formats and sizes, making them suitable for use in a variety of medication packaging. Their large space also allows for detailed information to be included, ensuring that patients have the necessary information to use their medication safely and effectively.

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