Folded Leaflets Inserts
IFU and Medication Guides

IFU and Medication Guides

Fold leaflets for at home injection devices are a critical component to the successful use of the Auto Injector. CCL Healthcare offers 8 color, 4 over 4, with inline color management to create detailed instructional illustrations printed in color. The results are crisp and clean graphics that aid and familiarize patients how to properly administer their medication with step-by-step instructions and colored illustrations for easy reference. Leaflets such as medication guides and instructions for use can be bundled together as one component creating a better at home patient experience.  

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CCL Printed Leaflet Proof Point

A single sheets of printed literature folded down into small, compact pieces which can be used as inserts, topserts, or sideserts. With capabilities of up to 350 printed panels, leaflets include information for Physicians or Consumers, such as side effects, instructions for use (IFU), and more. The large space provided with folded leaflets also allows room for multilingual instructions. Color capabilities range from 1 to upwards of 6 with a coating, and can be achieved through multiple passes.

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