21 Vial Pack

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21 Vial Pack Folding Carton

Pharmaceutical folding cartons integrate trays for pre-filled syringes, vials, and auto-injectors. Furthermore, customized designs are possible for self-injectables. Paperboard vial trays present an eco-friendly alternative to plastics. We excels in structural design, prioritizing sustainability. An array of paperboard trays caters to various containers and systems, accommodating singles or multiples—such as the featured micro-vial tray for 21 vials. Noteworthy is the inclusion of partitions or designated sections for instructions and medication guides.

For deeper insights into micro-vial tray folding cartons, reach out to our packaging experts without hesitation.

Folding Cartons with Partitions for Multi-Product Packs

Partitions present an ideal solution for vial packaging, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically engineered to securely hold vials in an organized and efficient manner, these cartons offer paramount protection during transportation and storage. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the advantages of utilizing folding cartons with partitions for vials, while also exploring essential design aspects.

Benefits of Folding Cartons with Partitions for Vials 

  1. Enhanced Protection
  2. Increased Organization
  3. Cost-Effective

Design Considerations for Folding Cartons with Partitions 

  • Material Selection
  • Partition Design 
  • Printing and Branding 
  • Sustainability

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CCL Healthcare leverages proprietary software to streamline quoting, ordering, design, production, and finishing processes, effectively reducing lead times. This enables us to provide no minimum order quantities (MOQs). With automated front-end systems and investments in custom machinery, we excel at delivering custom folding cartons in high-mix/low to medium-volume quantities, all while setting industry-standard turnaround times. Our commitment to quality is evident in our substantial investments in 100% electronic inspection systems. These systems enable us to promptly identify the slightest defects, removing cartons from production runs automatically and ensuring superior quality in every delivery.

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