Multi-Web Converting

CCL specializes in complex multi-web constructions to create functional products and applications that other converters simply cannot design or build. Our strength is the unique ability to convert uncoated material into multi-layered functional products. This is done through our Xonad process, which is zoned patterned adhesive printing. This zoned pattern printing allows for the flexibility to only print adhesive in areas of the material that were specifically designed. Once an adhesive pattern is printed, the material can be die-cut to specific shapes and married to another web. The introduction of multi-webs (up to four webs) and strategically placed die stations allow for the most complicated constructions to be designed. 
Our four-web converting capabilities allow our engineers to design solutions for our customers’ most complex products and problems. We have the unique ability to convert up to four webs, print patterned adhesives, introduce different substrates, die cut, all in-line accurately in registration and within tight tolerances. Many of our solutions can be delivered in roll form or sheeted. 

Our solutions for creating complex multi-web products using zoned adhesive printing are a superior alternative to other multi-web constructions that use the costly process of coating the material. Our solution allows us to print the adhesive only where it is needed and provides the flexibility to use different grades of adhesive within the same web. One of the critical advantages of zoned adhesive printing is preventing adhesive oozing and locking up. 


Advantages of patterned adhesive printing and multi-web construction: 

  • Ability to design complex functional labels and products 
  • Combine several webs and materials in a single pass 
  •  Unique constructions and configurations 
  •  Eliminate design limitations and add flexibility 
  •  Ensure adhesive is not in direct contact with food or medication 
  •  Sustainable solution that reduces the amount of adhesive used vs coated material 


Our products include, but are not limited to:  

  • Wristbands  
  • Forms  
  • Functional sheeted goods  
  • Flag labels  
  • Security seals  
  • Test tube labels  
  • Blood bag labels  
  • Patient privacy labels (HIPAA compliant)  
  • Lab labels 



What is Multi-Web Printing and Converting?

Multi-web printing involves printing on multiple webs or rolls of material simultaneously, often used in the production of packaging materials. In multi-web printing, each web is printed with a different design or color, and the webs are then combined to create a final product with multiple layers of printed material. This method provides high efficiency and helps to speed up the production process. 

What is Patterned Adhesive Printing?

Patterned adhesive printing refers to a printing method where a patterned adhesive is applied to a substrate, typically a release liner, to create a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or label. This method provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional methods of applying adhesive. 

What is Zoned Adhesive Printing?

Zoned adhesive printing refers to a printing method where an adhesive is printed in specific zones or areas, rather than over the entire surface. This method provides precise control over the adhesive pattern and can be used to create custom or unique designs. It is widely used in the packaging, labeling, and product assembly industries. 

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