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Welcome to CCL Healthcare, a trusted name for over 65 years in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Our global presence includes 35 facilities worldwide, 13 located in North America, and carton production throughout Canada, the U.S., and Europe, enabling us to serve our customers around the globe. CCL Healthcare’s state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team ensure that our folding cartons are top quality, offering durability and safety for pharmaceutical products.

Our products are manufactured following cGMP regulations and adhere to ISO standards, ensuring the highest quality and safety. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service and products. We strive to exceed expectations with every order. Trust CCL Healthcare for all your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Folding Carton Design

Elevate your brand with a custom folding carton design from CCL Healthcare. Our specialists will work with you every step of the way to create unique packaging that reflects your brand and meets the highest safety standards. CCL Healthcare, as a folding carton supplier, delivers innovation, safety, and cost-effective services. Our folding packaging solutions offer the following: 

  • Superior protection to keep products safe, secure, contamination-free, and tamper-resistant during transport and storage.  
  • Patient-centered design with easy-to-read product and safety information, dosage guidelines, warnings, ease of use, and other vital elements for the patient and caregiver. 
  • Compliance with strict industry regulations for the highest level of quality and safety, including child-resistant features, labeling, and standard or specialty dosage needs. 
  • Increased brand recognition with your company’s unique brand design elements. 
  • Greater efficiencies of storage, transportation, and production with customizable options.  

Design Process

The steps in the CCL Healthcare design process are as follows:  

  • Ideation & Conceptualization – at CCL Healthcare, we believe in a collaborative approach that begins with a thorough understanding of the product, target audience, brand identity, goals, and preferences for packaging design. We aim to provide functional, visually appealing, safe packaging solutions that align with your brand and marketing objectives.  

  • Packaging Enhancement – this stage focuses on improving the functionality, aesthetics, and materials of the package. We’ll analyze different materials, structures, finishes, consumer preferences, and industry standards. We’ll explore eco-friendly options that meet safety requirements and align with your vision. CCL is committed to providing clients with innovative packaging that is safe, appealing, and environmentally responsible.   

  • 3-D Rendering Capabilities & Prototype Development  – we leverage cutting-edge 3-D technology to create a detailed digital model of the packaging design to give clients a preview of the final product. This critical step allows clients to assess the visual aspects of the design and be able to adjust as necessary. Once the design is fully approved, we develop a physical prototype that is tested for functionality, durability, performance, and safety. 

  • Facilitation of Line Trial Sampling – in this phase, we produce a limited batch of the packaging for line trail sampling. This rigorous process helps identify manufacturing challenges or issues, enabling us to fine-tune the design and production process for seamless integration into manufacturing lines. By testing in real-world conditions, we can ensure that it meets our quality standards and performs flawlessly under various usage scenarios.  

  • Specifications Management – in the final stage, we manage and document all packaging design and manufacturing specifications. We examine critical details such as dimensions, materials, finishes, and other relevant information. At CCL Healthcare, we are committed to delivering packaging solutions that meet our uncompromising commitment to excellence. 

No Minimum Order Quantities

CCL Healthcare has no minimum order quantity limitations. This flexible approach ensures clients can order the exact amount of packaging they need, avoid unnecessary waste, and help keep costs down.  

Reduce your risk (and stress) with our no-minimum order. Test the market with smaller runs, adjust for seasonal demand fluctuations, or try new packaging designs, strategies, or materials without high dollar investment. Our small order quantities reflect our commitment to sustainability by helping to reduce waste and conserve resources. Contact us today to learn more about our small order quantities and how we can help you achieve your packaging goals.  

Fast Turnaround Time to Get to Market Faster

Our fast turnaround times for folding carton packaging empower our clients to stay well ahead of the competition. Our state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking approach to folding carton manufacturing give clients even more of a competitive edge.  

Launch promotional or limited-edition packaging designs with unprecedented speed and agility. Further boost your bottom line with our expedited production process, efficient inventory management, and stellar customer satisfaction.  

Custom Folding Cartons that Fit Individual Clients' Needs

No matter your packaging challenges, we can help solve them and bring your design to life. Our highly collaborative packaging experts will work one-on-one with you and provide outstanding support and guidance for your packaging project. Take advantage of no minimum order limits, a flexible design process, and over 65 years of experience.    

Folding Carton Styles

CCL Healthcare offers a range of customizable folding carton styles, including auto bottom boxes, straight and reverse tuck, seal end boxes, and panel boxes.  

Auto bottom boxes

Auto bottom boxes, called auto lock or crash bottom boxes, offer hassle-free solutions for various pharmaceutical packing needs. Made with highquality materials that protect your products with an engineered base that secures itself automatically during assembly. The tucktop flap is easy to use and keeps contents secure. Auto bottom boxes are the sturdiest among all box types. 

Straight tuck boxes

Straight tuck boxes or STE (Straight Tuck End) provide superior protection and versatility. This design features tuck flaps at each end that fold into the box’s same sides to securely hold contents. This box is a top choice for pharmaceutical firms and is available in various sizes. Suitable for light to medium-weight items.  

Reverse tuck boxes

Reverse tuck boxes are much like straight tuck boxes, with one exception. Instead of having the top and bottom closures on the same side of the box, reverse tuck boxes feature them on opposite sides, resulting in opposite folding directions. Additionally, reverse tuck boxes require more paper for construction, making straight tuck more affordable. Reverse tuck boxes are suitable for light and medium-weight products. 

Seal end boxes

Seal end boxes are similar to straight and reverse tuck boxes and can be used for various product weights. The ends of the box are sealed for added security and durability. Seal end boxes may use an adhesive to seal end panels. Seal end boxes provide a higher degree of protection, making this box style a popular choice for items that require extra stability. Seal end boxes are suitable for light and medium-weight items.

Tucks boxes with partition

Tuck boxes with partitions have straight tucks or reverse tuck options and an internal partition that creates separate compartments for items. This box style is suitable for a wide range of products that require items to be organized or separated.

5th-panel boxes

5th-panel boxes, also known as book cover cartons or 5-panel hanger boxes, have unique design features, including an additional panel for display or marketing purposes. Conventional tuck boxes may not offer sufficient space to tell a brand story or promotional messaging. The 5th-panel box, with its extended panel, offers more space than conventional tuck boxes. This extra space can be used for promotional messaging or instructions.  

Folding Cartons for the Following Types of Products

  • Auto injectors – convenient and durable, these custom cartons securely hold automatic injection devices.  
  • Multi-pack products – a cost-effective solution for packaging multiple items together. 
  • Vials boxes – safely store vials, ampoules, and bottles with specially designed vial cartons.  
  • Pre-filled syringes – cartons designed to hold preloaded syringes with medication securely and safely. 
  • Inhalers – made in unique sizes to fit and protect medical inhalers for respiratory conditions. 
  • Medical devices – tailored cartons to accommodate a variety of medical equipment that meet stringent packaging requirements.  
  • Bottles – versatile packaging options for holding a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes, providing protection and display. 
  • OTC – cartons exclusively for over-the-counter medications, with child-resistant, tamper-evident features and clear labeling. 
  • Injectables – cartons for pre-filled syringes or auto-injector pens are designed to hold items safely and securely with easy access.  
  • Combination products – co-packaged solutions for products with multiple components, such as drug-device, drug-biologic and other combinations. 
  • Parenteral products – cartons designed for non-oral medication such as infusions or injections.  


Folding Cartons Features

  • Attached labels – pre-attached labeling with information about product and branding. 
  • Braille – accessibility feature for visually impaired users. 
  • Blister carding – individual items packaged safely; frequently used for small products or medications. 
  • Brand protection – safeguard product authenticity with anti-counterfeiting measures. 
  • Attached ECL – extended content labels (ECL) can be integrated for additional product details or regulatory information. 
  • Leaflet display – highlight promotional materials or instructions with a built-in compartment.  
  • Multi-product package – cartons can hold multiple items in one single package. 
  • Partition for leaflets – separate compartments for informational booklets within the carton. 
  • Partitions for products – internal dividers protect and organize individual products. 
  • Product display window – highlight products inside cartons with transparent cutouts. 
  • Variable data – cartons can be tailored with barcodes, unique identifiers, and other information for tracking and traceability. 
  • Tamper evident carton seals – security features to indicate unauthorized access or tampering. 
  • Glued leaflets – pre-attached promotional or informational materials for quick access. 
  • Cartons with dividers – packaging that protects and organizes with internal separation for multiple items. 
  • Syringe cartons – custom cartons specifically designed to hold medical syringes safely.

Sustainable Folding Cartons

CCL Healthcare places a high premium on sustainability in our manufacturing processes and in helping our pharmaceutical firms and clients meet their own sustainability targets. Our package engineers rigorously evaluate every package design feature and ensure it meets industry criteria for full recyclability. Additionally, CCL Healthcare offers sustainable and attractive labels for all your packaging needs.  

How Much Do Folding Cartons Cost?

We understand that cost is an important consideration when it comes to packaging. CCL Healthcare offers competitive prices, and final costs will ultimately depend on factors including: type of carton, features, and quantity.  

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