The Pharma Days 2024

Blog image The Pharma Days CCL Healthcare 2024

We’re excited to invite you to an exclusive event that promises to reshape the way you think about product presentation and patient engagement. Prepare to be amazed by cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a vision that’s set to transform the pre-filled and injectable market.

Enhancing Healthcare with CCL eAgile’s RFID Solutions

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: CCL eAgile’s Advanced RFID Solutions Enhancing Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency in Hospitals In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, CCL eAgile stands at the forefront, pioneering RFID solutions tailored to revolutionize patient safety and operational efficiency. With a focus on customized inlays for pharmaceuticals, groundbreaking encoding methods, and comprehensive Line Management […]

What is Sustainable Packaging? 

Sustainable packaging by design

Today, more than ever before, businesses and direct consumers are deeply concerned about working with companies that adhere to sustainable practices.

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