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CCL Healthcare is a large cGMP plant that manufactures quality pharmaceutical packaging and labeling. We have the industry expertise to undertake small and large projects while maintaining the highest quality standards. CCL Healthcare expertly responds to the packaging needs of Toronto pharmaceutical companies by providing a wide range of solutions that fit their specific needs.

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CCL Label Toronto Pharmaceutical Packaging

We’re proud to prioritize your labeling needs. By using advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology, we manufacture future-forward labeling for your next-generation product. With our decades of knowledge and commitment to providing the highest-quality service, you can trust that our packaging meets and exceeds industry standards. Get the right labeling solution for your business that boosts the end user’s experience and differentiates your brand. When you do business with us, we serve you with:

  • Strict quality control measures: For error-free packaging that improves patient care and outcomes, we use stringent processes throughout production.
  • Superior adhesives and materials: Partnering with leading suppliers allows us to provide premium adhesives and other materials for a solid, reliable end product.
  • Functionality: Our labels meet safety, efficacy and quality standards, fulfilling their functional demands.
  • Flexible sizes: Our team has experience manufacturing various label sizes — from big and small to intricate and simple.
  • Varied order quantities: As a large cGMP plant, we can fulfill large, continuous orders.
  • High-performance packaging: With our rigorous standards and insistence on serving clients with the best quality, you can rely on our high-performance packaging.
  • Attention to detail: We ensure all our packaging labels follow industry standards for qualification.
  • Validated products: Our pharmaceutical solutions undergo rigorous procedures for successful packaging validation.

Quality Canada Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are the solution provider you can trust for quality packaging. Our large presence and years of experience have allowed us to streamline the design and manufacturing process. Our Toronto plant is ideally situated to cater to your labeling needs so you get local solutions from a global partner. Put all your attention into patient well-being while we focus on quality outcomes and regulatory compliance. Here’s how we go above and beyond:

  • Global footprint: Our global footprint affords us a large capacity with location proximity, allowing us to undertake virtually any project regardless of where you’re based.
  • Custom-made products: We tailor our solutions to fit your requirements. Our labels are made to order so you get the ideal packaging.
  • Excellent service: We are committed to serving you with quality support that puts you first.
  • High-quality labeling: We employ rigorous industry standards, echoing our dedication to quality solutions.
  • Extensive product range: By serving the needs of several markets, we can find a solution suited to your business.

Explore Our Pharmaceutical Packaging

CCL Healthcare uses state-of-the-art technology and packaging innovation to produce an effective end product. We provide the ideal solutions for pharmaceutical packaging in Canada. Our offerings include:

Smart Packaging

Improve how your patients interact with your packaging with our smart solutions.


Get clear informational and legislative literature across leaflets, booklets, inserts and more.


We provide several container options manufactured to house products like medical devices and medication.


Whether you need expanded content labels, pressure-sensitive labels or any other labeling, we can tailor our solutions to your unique brand.

Markets Proudly Served

By combining progressive technology, compliance expertise and creativity, we serve a wide variety of markets, developing solutions for an evolving industry:

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