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Expanded Content Labels (ECLs): The Ultimate Solution for Multilingual and Regulatory Information

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, packaging plays a critical role in delivering crucial information to consumers and meeting regulatory requirements. With multilingual and additional regulatory information becoming the norm, traditional labels often fall short of providing sufficient space. This is where Expanded Content Labels (ECLs), also known as booklet labels, wrap-around labels, piggyback labels, and more, emerge as a cost-effective and versatile solution. 

1. The Pioneers of ECLs: CCL Healthcare

As a pioneer in the expanded content label space, CCL Healthcare has been at the forefront of innovation for decades, offering the largest selection of formats and configurations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences secondary packaging industry. Regardless of container shape, size, or material, CCL Healthcare can design and manufacture a custom ECL solution that fits like a glove. With countless configurations and value-added features available, CCL Healthcare sets the standard for ECL excellence. 

2. Unleashing the Power of ECLs

ECLs offer an abundance of benefits that go beyond regulatory compliance. They not only present large amounts of information to meet regulatory demands but also boast full graphics that capture consumers’ attention on retail shelves. Combining a booklet or leaflet with the label streamlines the packaging process, eliminating the need for other components, which ultimately increases productivity, lowers costs, and presents an environmentally sustainable solution. Moreover, ECLs can be dispensed on standard labeling equipment, eliminating the need for any re-tooling. 

16 Page ECL stitched booklet label

3. Multilingual and Information-Rich Solutions

Are you in search of a comprehensive solution that accommodates multiple languages within one label? Look no further than ECLs. These labels offer up to 184 pages of content space, providing ample room for directions for use, instructions, multilingual translations, and promotional campaigns. Perfectly suited for over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications that require extra consumer content, directions, education, or promotions, ECLs cater to a wide array of container shapes and sizes, ranging from small bottles to uniquely shaped cartons and containers. Their cost-effectiveness, security, and user-friendly nature make them a go-to choice for pharmaceutical packaging needs. 

5. Why Choose CCL Healthcare for Your ECL Project?

CCL Healthcare specializes in printing pharmaceutical and healthcare ECLs, ensuring accurate patient and physician information, as well as clear directions for use (DFU) and information for use (IFU). Equipped with state-of-the-art printing equipment, our global facilities lead the market in innovation, continually increasing panel counts, designing new formats, pre-serialization, and creating new constructions. Our dedication to evolution and innovation drives us to customize machinery and develop cutting-edge label and packaging products. 

When it comes to quality, CCL Healthcare sets the bar high. We invest heavily in vision verification systems, establishing the standard for pharmaceutical printing in the industry. Each product is 100% electronically verified and documented for complete traceability. Manufacturing under cGMP and ISO standards, in temperature and humidity-controlled facilities, we ensure uncompromising quality through our dedicated quality assurance team and production departments, strictly adhering to SOPs and CSPs in fully segregated manufacturing areas. 

With a global presence and manufacturing footprint comprising 34+ specialized healthcare sites, CCL Healthcare empowers you to go global without compromise. Our experienced staff provide top-tier service, technical expertise, and product innovation, ensuring that your ECL project is a resounding success wherever you are. 

When it comes to Expanded Content Labels, CCL Healthcare stands as the unrivaled choice – the market leader in innovation, quality, and global reach. Trust us to deliver ECL solutions that exceed your expectations and elevate your pharmaceutical packaging to new heights. 

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