Enhancing Healthcare with CCL eAgile’s RFID Solutions

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: CCL eAgile’s Advanced RFID Solutions Enhancing Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency in Hospitals In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, CCL eAgile stands at the forefront, pioneering RFID solutions tailored to revolutionize patient safety and operational efficiency. With a focus on customized inlays for pharmaceuticals, groundbreaking encoding methods, and comprehensive Line Management […]

RFID Offers Safety and Traceability for the Administration of Vaccines

RFID Vials, smart packaging- RFID Authentication

There are hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines that are administered within a short period of time. This becomes very difficult to track especially when a pandemic is in effect. RFID Technology is capable of authenticating the vaccine ensuring it is an authentic product, that it is not expired, and that it is safe to administer. Learn how CCL Healthcare and Kit Check’s partnership were able to successfully implement a system to safely administer vaccines.

Recap: Single Unit Doses with RFID

Single Unit Doses with RFID

The CCL Packaging University Course dives into why RFID-enabled drug products and cloud data solutions are a packaging game changer. For pharmacists, Kit Check allows providers to practice at the top of their license, rather than spend time manually restocking and managing the medication supply chain. For pharmaceutical companies to be competitive, Kit Check labels add value by being able to track the life cycle of the product.

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